Elite Loan consultants have many satisfied clients and all the loan writers have five star ratings from the surveys done by clients.

Here are few examples:

1. Thanks for all your help in arranging the finance for our new home – we really appreciate it !

Cathy Bailey and Adrian Frost

2.We just wanted to say thank you so very much for all your wonderful service and help in arranging the finance for Danielle’s new home.

Danielle Bushnell and Helen Gerard

 3. “ Thank you so much for all your help and effort…you have made everything so easy Richard ! “

4. Survey response received from a client and we have many more similar responses

Survey responses are as follows:

Q1. Overall, how satisfied were you with my services? Excellent

Q2. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being very poor, 5 being exceptional), how would you rank your overall experience with me? 5

Q3. What elements of the service I provided most impressed you? Product knowledge

Q4. What did you most like about me? Service and follow up

Q5. Please rate me on each of the following
Understanding of your needs – Excellent
Knowledge and explanation of products – Excellent
Courtesy and friendliness – Excellent
Communication – Excellent
Quality of Service – Excellent

Q6. Did I keep you informed during the application and approval process? Yes

Q7. Would you be interested in knowing more about any of the other services I provide? Yes

Q8. Would you recommend my services to others? Yes

Q9. How did you hear about me?

Comments: Excellent service